Q Is this the final season for "Grey's Anatomy"? I was surprised that Eric Danes was taken off the show, as well as the actors who played Lexie and Teddie. Christina has left the hospital, so there aren't many of the original cast members left.

A We don't know yet whether this will be the final season of "Grey's Anatomy." There has been no announcement to that effect and the cast is signed through a 10th season -- taking the show to May 2014 -- so it seems likely it will continue.

New 'Psych' coming in February

Q I really looked forward to Saturdays and the levity of "Psych." Is there any chance it will be brought back to any channel?

A "Psych" usually airs on a weeknight, but maybe you've seen reruns on USA or in syndication on a Saturday. New episodes of "Psych" will return to USA on Feb. 27.

Cable shows have their seasons

Q Are "Suits," "Franklin & Bash," "Covert Affairs," "Alphas" and "Burn Notice" no longer being made? I only see repeats if they're on.

A Cable shows usually run in short batches of 10 to 13 episodes, often in summer, with the occasional four- to six-episode "winter season" on some cable networks.

Just because you don't see a show doesn't mean it's canceled. It often means that it's a seasonal program and that we're not in the right season.

"Suits" and "Franklin & Bash" are summer series. Both have been renewed and will be back next summer.

"Alphas" aired original episodes for several months and wrapped its season early this fall. "Covert Affairs" has been airing regularly, too, and "Burn Notice" returned with new episodes Nov. 8.

Fate of 'Dogs' is up in the air

Q Will "Dogs in the City" be back?

A CBS considers "Dogs in the City" a summer series and the network has not announced its plans for summer 2013 yet. Ratings for the first season were OK, but the show tended to skew older, so it's a toss-up whether it will get a second season.

How TV ratings work

Q How do the networks know how many viewers tune into their shows?

A The Nielsen Co. measures viewership by selecting a sample of viewers and extrapolating broader viewing trends. Boxes are hooked up to "Nielsen family" TV sets to record what they watch. Networks and local stations buy the ratings data and use it to set ad rates.

'Anderson Live' isn't always live

Q What time is "Anderson Live" taped?

A "Anderson Live" is taped from 8 to 10 a.m. EST daily in New York. In some markets, it airs live; in others, it airs via tape delay.

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