Q Where is "Touch"? According to the fall schedule, it was to return Oct. 26 to Fox.

A Earlier this fall, Fox delayed the return of "Touch." It now will have its second-season premiere on Feb. 8.

Pregnancy affects 'Mentalist'

Q Is Amanda Righetti, who portrays Grace on "The Mentalist," pregnant? They have only been showing her upper torso.

A Yes, Righetti is indeed pregnant.

'Smash' will be coming back

Q I agree that "The Neighbors" is really funny. Dick Butkus with the Marty puppet on the Halloween episode was inspired, and I would watch Jami Gertz in anything.

But what is happening with the second season of "Smash"? I recall that the second season was ordered early, before the precipitous drop in both the ratings and the caliber of the show's writing. The Internet Movie Database lists 13 episodes for Season 2 with no details.

A Glad to know I'm not the only one who likes "The Neighbors."

As for "Smash," since May, it's been pegged for a midseason return. It will be back on Feb. 5, airing in a new Tuesday-night time slot.

Nothing hazy about 'NCIS'

Q Why is it that when we watch "NCIS" on Tuesday nights on CBS, the picture is always hazy (except the commercials)? All other programs on or before this are clear and sharp. This is the only show that's like this.

A I don't watch "NCIS" all that often, so I can't say I've noticed this. We previously received a similar question that speculated producers were putting Vaseline on the lens for the sake of star Mark Harmon, but Harmon has always struck me as pretty unpretentious, so that doesn't seem likely.

The folks at CBS see no difference in the look of "NCIS" vs. "NCIS: Los Angeles," so they couldn't offer a response, either, except to say that "NCIS" is now shot in digital HD while it used to be shot on film.

Two strikes and a hit

Q What happened to these shows: "The Whole Truth," "Harry's Law" and "Body of Proof"?

A "The Whole Truth" was a legal drama that aired briefly on ABC in 2010 before being canceled due to low ratings.

"Harry's Law" was canceled in May due to low ratings, particularly among younger viewers prized by advertisers.

Dana Delany's "Body of Proof" will return to ABC on Feb. 5.

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