Q: Do the celebrities on “Dancing With the Stars” get paid for every week they survive on the show?

A: Pretty much, yes. In 2010, the Hollywood Reporter offered this breakdown of the pay scale for the fall 2010 season of the show:

“With a $345,000 pot up for grabs during the 10 weeks of airtime, the source said each star makes an initial $125,000 for signing, three weeks of rehearsal before the premiere and competing in the first two episodes, even if the cast member is cut after the first dance.

“The breakdown for the remaining weeks is $10,000 an episode for Weeks 3 and 4, $20,000 an episode for Weeks 5 and 6, $30,000 an episode for Weeks 7 and 8, and $50,000 an episode for the final two weeks.

“The production source said contestants forfeit part of their salary if they fail to meet the ultra-strict rehearsal schedule.”

Get used to Christmas on Hallmark

Q: Does the Hallmark Channel intend to run Christmas specials through December? How many Christmas movies can you watch?

A: Get used to it. A Hallmark Channel publicist said regular programming won’t resume until Jan. 2. Hallmark gets its best ratings with its Christmas movies, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of them.

Older shows are hard to find

Q: With all of the retro stations showing classic TV shows, I can’t find older comedies such as “NewsRadio,” “Dave’s World,” “Murphy Brown” and “Night Court.” Are they out there?

A: A search of TV listings shows that “News­Radio” and “Night Court” are available for online viewing for a fee. The others do not show up there, but you might try Netflix or Hulu Plus.

Usually shows air in syndication for a time and then get retired. That’s probably what has happened to these older programs.

No ‘Boss’ or ‘Sopranos’ movies

Q: Is a movie going to be made for either Showtime’s “Boss” or HBO’s “The Sopranos”?

A: There was never going to be a “Sopranos” movie and with star James Gandolfini’s death, there certainly won’t be now. There was some talk of a “Boss” movie, but nothing came of it.

‘Mad Men’ missing chatter

Q: The DVDs of “Mad Men” Seasons 1-5 arrived replete with classy packaging and special features, including detailed commentaries by the writers, actors and producer. Not so with the Season 6 DVDs. Aside from a few special features, commentaries are absent. Why?

A: Lionsgate said that “due to shooting schedules, the timing could not be worked out [to record commentaries] for this release.”


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