Q: Has a TV show ever ended on as high a peak as "Breaking Bad"? I don't mean just the finale, but the series in general. The show was at its peak creatively and in viewership. Most of the great shows with huge endings were on their way down when they finished up — mostly because the network wants to bleed the show dry before finishing.

A: "Breaking Bad" really is one of the few series that never made any substantive creative missteps.

I agree that many of the most memorable series finales, most notably that of "Six Feet Under," came at the end of shows that overstayed their welcome. "Breaking Bad" ended at just the right time. While other shows would be wise to follow that road map, network executives desperate to keep a popular show on the air as long as possible are unlikely to follow the "Breaking Bad" model. (See: "Dexter.")

'Katie' and 'Ellen' don't share

Q: Who are the announcers for "Katie" and "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and are they the same person?

A: A publicist for "Katie" identified that show's announcer as Brian Lee. A publicist for "Ellen" didn't respond, but it appears that her announcer is Paul Bartholomew. It's also unlikely that both shows would use the same announcer because "Katie" tapes in New York and "Ellen" is in Burbank, Calif.

London an 'Elementary' setting

Q: I watched the season premiere of "Elementary." Was that episode actually filmed in London?

A: Yes, it was.

'Under the Dome' goes on

Q: "Under the Dome" was supposed to be a 13-week series. When the last episode came and went, it left us hanging. Why? I thought the series was going to give us answers as to where the dome came from.

Will there be another 13-week series next year? How long will this go on?

A: It will continue as long as the show is financially successful. Networks are loath to kill the golden goose, so never trust that you'll get complete closure, although I'll admit the "Under the Dome" cliffhanger was particularly frustrating given the way CBS marketed the series.

Say goodbye to 'Monday'

Q: Has "Monday Mornings" been renewed for another season? I thought it was an excellent medical-ethics drama.

A: No; it was canceled earlier this year due to low ratings.

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