Back down the rabbit hole

Hollywood's obsession with updating fairy tales continues with "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" (7 p.m. KSTP, Ch. 5), a new series in which Alice winds up in an insane asylum where nobody believes she's got a friend called the White Rabbit. Guess who shows up to rescue her?

Moving on

The cast members of canceled "Happy Endings" are finding ample work as Adam Pally joins "The Mindy Project" and Eliza Coupe guest stars on "The Millers" (7:31 p.m. WCCO, Ch. 4). Even Casey Wilson is keeping in the news as she just got engaged to David Caspe, "Endings" creator. Still, I wish the gang was all back together.

Goodbye, Finn

The title for a new episode of "Glee" (8 p.m. KMSP, Ch. 9) is simply "The Quarterback," a reference to the fact that the show will use the hour to deal with the death of cast member Corey Monteith and, subsequently, his jock character, Finn. It promises to be an emotional hour.

Neal Justin