Leapin’ lizards!

Godzilla isn’t just taking over movie theaters. He also has his grubby gills on the TV screen. Enjoy a 23-hour marathon of our favorite fire-breathing lizard, starting with “Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster,” the 1964 Japanese film that had Godzilla switch from villian to hero. 5 a.m. Epix

Historic battles

Jeremy Renner narrates “The World Wars,” a six-hour event series that airs over three consecutive nights and offers fascinating insight into several characters, most notably Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler. John McCain, Colin Powell and John Major are among the talking heads. 8 p.m. History

A time to grill

As you’re getting ready to start your summer of grilling, pick up some tips on “BBQ Pit Wars,” which kicks off its new season with four of the tangiest teams in the show’s history. The episode also marks the start of “Meat Week,” which, I assume, is nothing like “Tofu Week.” 9 p.m. Destination America

Neal Justin