It's a bird … Ben Affleck's big comeback didn't happen overnight. You can trace the beginning to 2006, when he played "Superman" actor George Reeves in the suspenseful thriller, "Hollywoodland," which also features nice performances from Bob Hoskins and Adrien Brody. 7:15 p.m. Showtime Showcase

Weird science Science takes another step closer to being super-cool in "None of the Above," a sort of game show where the real prize is gaining knowledge. Engineer Tim Shaw hits the streets with unique experiments — how can the power from one vacuum cleaner hold a car 30 feet in the air? — and dazzles bystanders. Cool, huh? 8 p.m. National Geographic Channel

Put it in the lock box The new docu-series "The Safecrackers" features a pair of Alabama locksmiths who specialize in opening the country's toughest vaults and spaces. In the premiere, Phil and Blaze investigate a hidden safe in a burnt-out hotel and an abandoned fallout shelter. 9 p.m. TruTV

Neal Justin