Water, water everywhere

Those of us who like water only when it's served in a glass may have no interest in scuba diving, surfing and swimming with dolphins. But watching other people get all wet? Sure. "The Current" offers all that and more in this documentary narrated by Jean-Michel Cousteau and his son, Fabien. 7 p.m. Epix

Checking in

In "Elephants in the Room," researchers follow a family of elephants who have a yearly habit of walking through the lobby of a posh five-star hotel in Africa. Things get really ugly when the clan orders room service and then refuse to leave a tip. 8 p.m. Smithsonian

Spill the wine

"Ali G: Resurrection" is really just reruns of his classic BBC series with newly taped introductions for the sketches. That's fine with me, especially this week when Ali G interviews a befuddled Sam Donaldson and Borat destroys a wine-tasting session. 9:30 p.m. FXX

Neal Justin