Up in the air

The sinking of the Titanic wasn’t the only high-society disaster of the 20th century. Check out “Hindenburg: The Last Flight” (7 p.m. Encore), if only to see if star Stacy Keach utters “I’m king of the world!” just before the mighty blimp goes kablooey. Part 2 airs 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Funeral for a fiend

You’ve already said goodbye to the late Larry Hagman. Now say farewell to his iconic character, J.R. Ewing. In a new episode of “Dallas” (8 p.m. TNT), the Ewing clan comes together for the lovable rascal’s funeral — and discovers the shocking reason for his death. Look for some memorable cameos from past cast members.

Getting old

“Kings Point” (8 p.m. HBO), which was nominated for an Oscar as best documentary short, tells the stories of retirement-home seniors in Florida not visited by aliens and granted eternal youth. Instead, filmmaker Sari Gilman looks at the difficulties of aging in contemporary society.