Disappearing act

Even those who believe in magic will have a tough time being dazzled by “Deception,” a new series about an illusionist (Jack Cutmore-Scott) who joins the FBI to clear his brother’s name. The tricks aren’t that spectacular, but at least they keep you distracted from the lame attempts to conjure up chemistry between the magic man and his skeptical female partner.

9 p.m. Sun., KSTP, Ch. 5

Queen Jane approximately

Brett Morgen is listed as the director of “Jane,” the award-winning documentary about conservation icon Jane Goodall, but it’s the 1960s archival footage shot by Dutch filmmaker Hugo van Lawick that stands out. His reverence for Goodall translated to real life as well; the two were married shortly after he started filming her. Goodall, now 83, is still a formidable presence. See for yourself when she speaks at the University of Minnesota on March 23 or at the Home for Life’s Spring Gala the following night at International Market Square.

7 p.m. Mon., National Geographic and National Geographic Wild

Above the law

“For the People” is best summed up as “Grey’s Anatomy” in the courthouse with plenty of dreamy attorneys and female bonding. That shouldn’t be a surprise, as its producer is Shonda Rhimes. But unlike the long-running medical soap, “People” lacks vivid, three-dimensional characters you want to keep on retainer. The exception: Jasmin Savoy Brown (“The Leftovers”) exudes enough spunk to fill in for Katherine Heigl and Sandra Oh.

9 p.m. Tue., KSTP, Ch. 5

Neal Justin