Opposites attract

The adventures of Lovable Nerd (Paul Rust) and Hot Mess (Gillian Jacobs) pick up where they left off in the Season 2 premiere of “Love,” the Judd Apatow-produced series that has the structure of “Before Sunrise” and the comic sensibility of early Woody Allen. Nothing groundbreaking here — just the equivalent of a silly love song. And what’s wrong with that?

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Closing the book

Few associated with “The Vampire Diaries” would deny that the series initially rode on the cape-tails of “Twilight” and “True Blood.” But the drama managed to have a life of its own for eight seasons. The series finale includes the return of fan favorites including Nina Dobrev’s Elena Gilbert.

7 p.m. Friday, WUCW, Ch. 29

Jack’s back

If anyone has earned retirement, it’s “Samurai Jack.” The animated warrior battled evil for three years, earning four Emmys and a legion of fans. Now he’s back after a 13-year hiatus, and more vexed than ever. These terrific new episodes find the futuristic hero going up against maniacal Aku’s brainwashed daughters, a Sammy Davis Jr.-inspired robot and haunted cries from family ghosts. This may be a cartoon, but the content matter may be too harrowing for the very young.

10 p.m. Saturday, Adult Swim

American horror stories

“American Crime” dives into the sex-slave industry and the abuse of migrant workers in what’s shaping up as another brain-straining but beautifully executed season. Several of the anthology’s regulars return, including Regina King and Felicity Huffman, but the breakout star is Ana Mulvoy-Ten, who plays a 17-year-old prostitute challenged by a social worker (King) to stand up to her pimp. Extended close-ups of her been-there-done-that expressions pack more of a punch than an entire season of “Law & Order: SVU.”

9 p.m. Sunday, KSTP, Ch. 5

Neal Justin