On the town

Hillary Clinton takes a break from her book tour to sit down with Christiane Amanpour for “The Town Hall Special,” in which the former secretary of state will talk about her years as America’s top diplomat and where she shops for those terrific pantsuits. 4 p.m. CNN

Something Wilder

It’s been so long since Gene Wilder made a movie that you might have forgotten he’s one of film’s comic geniuses. He also has great taste. The “Young Frankenstein” star serves as guest programmer, selecting a wide range of flicks: “Random Harvest” (7 p.m.) and “The Merry Widow” (9:15 p.m.). Chug some coffee and stick around for a terrific 2008 special “Role Model: Gene Wilder” (3:30 a.m.) in which Alec Baldwin chats with the actor. TCM

An American in Paris

The third season of “Perception” opens in Paris, where our paranoid schizophrenic hero, played by Eric McCormack, must determine whether he’s being recruited by the FBI or is imagining a whole roster of shady characters. The truth is somewhat apparent, but clever. 9 p.m. TNT

Neal Justin