Blue Hawaii

"American Experience" is not immune to digging into the true-crime genre, but the longtime PBS documentary series always has a nobler agenda than just crawling inside the mind of a murderer. In "The Island Murder," which originally aired in 2005 under the title "The Massie Affair," filmmakers look at the fallout after a young Navy wife accused five nonwhite islanders of rape in 1931, shattering Honolulu's peaceful reputation.

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Casual goodbye

The final eight episodes of "Casual" have dropped, giving loyal fans a chance to see what will become of the emotionally tested siblings, each struggling to find love. The series often got lost in a wave of better female-driven comedies, but at least star Michaela Watkins finally got the attention that escaped her as the big star's bestie in feature films or during her short-lived stint on "Saturday Night Live."

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Rec'ing ball

"Making It," a new series in which crafters compete to see who can create the funkiest quilts and photo albums, sounds tailor-made for the niche HGTV audience, but the presence of Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman will tickle those who can't tell a hammer from a nail gun. The former "Parks and Recreation" co-stars offer a master class in how to build laughs without a sliver of ill will.

9 p.m., KARE, Ch. 11

Neal Justin