Here's Johnny

Sad to say that this week marks the end of "Carson on TCM" (7 p.m. TCM), a terrific collection of vintage interviews from "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson reminding us that he was the best in the business. This final tribute, hosted by Conan O'Brien, includes conversations with Henry Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor and William Holden.

High school high

Before "30 Rock," Tina Fey showed off her writing skills with 2004's "Mean Girls" (7 p.m. Showtime 2), the movie that comes to mind whenever somebody mentions that Lindsay Lohan once had a promising future. But the film is more than a showcase for its now troubled star, as Fey accurately sends up the horrors of high school.

Breaking away

Those eagerly awaiting the Aug. 11 return of "Breaking Bad" can find temporary relief in the premiere "The Writers' Room" (9 p.m. Sundance), which kicks off with Oscar-winning writer Jim Rash chatting it up with the scribes behind the ACM series. Creator Vince Gilligan does a nice job of taking viewers through the history of one of TV's gutsiest — and great — projects.

Neal Justin