Child’s play

Amazon Studios dives deeper into the kiddie pool with “Annedroids,” its first live-action/adventure series. Aimed at ages 4 to 7, the show follows a young female genius who makes scientific discoveries with her android assistants and human friends. Starts streaming Friday at

Friends in low places

We’re still waiting to hear if Garth Brooks will grace the Twin Cities with his music this year, but we do know he’s available to play your living room. Check out the country-music legend in the “Garth Brooks Special” (7 p.m.), followed by “Garth Brooks: Blame It All on My Roots — Live at the Wynn,” in which he discusses many of the songs that inspired him. Saturday, CMT

How we won

“WWI: The First Modern War,” a four-hour miniseries commemorating the 100th anniversary of the epic battle, looks at how armored tanks, chemical weapons, submarines and massive air attacks changed the way we fight — and the way we win. 7 p.m. Saturday, History

Secret weapon

If WGN America is serious about getting into the original-content business, it’s off to a great start, first with “Salem” and now with “Manhattan,” a drama about the scientists who created the atomic bomb and their families who had to live under a shroud of mystery. Creator Sam Shaw somehow manages to turn geeks jotting down formulas on a blackboard into riveting television. 8 p.m. Sunday, WGN America

Neal Justin