Car talk

Man's unhealthy relationship with his automobile is exploited in the new series "AmeriCARna" (7 p.m., Velocity), which kicks off with West Coasters taking a 1940 Ford, cutting off its top and modifying it for hot rodding.

Punt, pass and puke

"Friday Night Tykes" (8 p.m., Esquire) deserves accolades for putting the spotlight on peewee football in San Antonio and how hard-headed parents and coaches are aggressively pushing youngsters to an unhealthy level. It's nice to groom winners, but the level of competitiveness seen in this series seems more scarring than supportive.

Gangsta style

It's our civic responsibility to watch "The State of the Union" (8 p.m., various channels), but it's tempting to switch over to "The Capones" (9 p.m., ReelzChannel), a new reality show featuring a bickering, bizarre Chicago family that gloats about being related to a legendary mobster while operating a pizzeria.

Neal Justin