Getting into shape

It’s surprising that TV and film hasn’t mined the fitness craze for more laughs, aside from 1985’s unintentionally hilarious “Perfect,” starring John Travolta and a dizzying amount of gyrating crotches. “Let’s Get Physical” does an admirable job of filling in the gap as Matt Jones (“Breaking Bad”) goes to war against a rival gym club, with his mom (Jane Seymour) serving as spotter. It’s good, harmless fun even if you don’t break a sweat from laughing.

7:30 p.m., Pop

Finding his roots

Even though Gordon Parks spent part of his youth in St. Paul, you may not know much about the heralded photographer/writer/director/composer. “The Learning Tree” may further your education. Based on his autobiographical novel, Parks’ 1969 movie tells the story of a black teenager growing up in 1920s Kansas. It remains a landmark of African-American cinema.

7 p.m., TCM

Texas rangers

The Dowdle brothers may be a long way from their Minnesota home in “Waco,” but the two have a good grip on the morals and stubborn independence of small-town Texas in their ambitious miniseries about the 1993 standoff between David Koresh (Taylor Kitsch) and government agents. Michael Shannon, as the mediator cursed with reason, is stellar as usual. The series, which also stars Melissa Benoist and John Leguizamo, helps launch the new Paramount Network, which can be found where Spike TV used to reside.

9 p.m., Paramount Network

Neal Justin