Nature boy

Most contemporary nature shows seem preoccupied with capturing footage of animals attacking each other, which is why it’s great that PBS always has been more interested in dazzling fans of the genre and less interested in appealing to our savage side. “Attenborough’s Life Stories” (7 p.m., KTCA, Ch. 2), a three-part tribute to filmmaker David Attenborough that continues over the next two Wednesdays, looks back at some of the naturalist’s finest, most respectful home movies in his long, distinguished career.



Fans of “Big Rich Texas” might want to set their eyes farther east for the premiere of “Big Rich Atlanta” (7 p.m., Style), which revolves around the unnecessary drama created by the women at an exclusive country club.

But seriously, folks

If you think Tommy Lee Jones looked grim at the Golden Globes, wait until you revisit him in 1993’s “The Fugitive” (7 p.m., AMC) as U.S. Marshal Sam “I Don’t Care!” Gerard. The role won him a supporting-actor Oscar, an award he just might receive again for his work in “Lincoln.”