Hanks for the memories America's unofficial crush on Tom Hanks really began with 1984's "Splash," a charming comedy that showcases the future Oscar winner's ability to come across as charming without overdoing it. It's hard to watch this without imagining how many more great roles may have come to the late John Candy. 7 p.m. The Hub

So she thinks she can dance Guests talk about Michelle Obama in "First Ladies: Influence and Image," a news special that will lose all credibility if it doesn't include her Evolution of Mom Dancing with Jimmy Fallon. 8 p.m. CSPAN

Death becomes them "This Is the End" might be one of the most divisive movies in recent years. The premise, in which young stars are trapped in James Franco's house during the apocalypse, is probably best served up with a case of beer — or something stronger. Favorite cameo: a mad-as-hell Emily Watson. 8 p.m. Starz Neal Justin