There are certain things we take for granted: Electricity, a comfortable bed, Mom's home cooking — and "The Simpsons." The show, which recently wrapped up its 25th season, is older than some of its fans. While we can moan that later episodes don't measure up to the early years, it's still one of TV's wittiest shows. To celebrate its milestone, tune in to a 12-day lovefest with all 552 episodes being broadcast in chronological order, making it the longest-running marathon in TV history. 9 a.m. FXX

Meet the parents

Patrick Duffy and Illeana Douglas are not considered comedic giants, but they manage to get more than their fair share of laughs as Bruce's puzzled parents in "Welcome to Sweden," the summer treat that we hope will return next year. Kudos to the network for sparing us another hour of "America's Got Talent" and getting behind a refreshing sitcom. 8 p.m. KARE, Ch. 11

Bang! Bang!

Sure, Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington may be slumming it in 2013's "2 Guns," the action thriller that's short on plot and long on explosions. But that doesn't mean you won't have a lot of fun watching these two reliable actors go toe-to-toe with each other. Washington's pork pie hat should get its own sequel. 8 p.m. HBO

Neal Justin