Minnesota matchmaker Kailen Rosenberg takes her talents to Georgia or, more specifically, "Lovetown, USA" (9 p.m., OWN). The new series finds Rosenberg and Paul Carrick Brunson helping six singles find their soulmate, or at least someone who can hold a decent dinner conversation. Yes, it's tough out there, people.


"The Inbetweeners" (9:30 p.m., MTV), the latest small-screen version of "Porky's," suggests that every male teenager is obsessed with sex and will behave like the Fourth Stooge to be near it. Based on a British series, "The Inbetweeners" offers up bawdy physical comedy, but little else. Read an interview with Joey Pollari, the Twin Cities native who stars in the show, in Monday's Variety section.


Neville Page, the lead creature designer for a little independent film called "Avatar," joins the judges' panel for the third season of "Face Off" (8 p.m., Syfy). "Lord of the Rings" actor Sean Astin appears in the premiere, in which contestants must create a character who might buy a round at the cantina featured in the first "Star Wars" movie.


One man's dilapidated building is another man's mansion. That's the premise of "Abandoned" (8 p.m., National Geographic Channel), a new series in which craftsman Jay Chaikin digs through structures just before they're going to be torn down to see if he can secure some treasure. Among the discoveries: An Edison phonograph, a Zenith radio and a ham-and-cheese sandwich I misplaced about nine years ago.


You think you're smarter than a fifth-grader? How about the guy in the next pew? Jeff Foxworthy hosts "The American Bible Challenge" (7 p.m., GSN), in which contestants try to prove their superior knowledge of the scriptures.