This woman’s work

Former KSTP-TV (Channel 5) anchor Harris Faulkner is among the participants in “Outnumbered,” a new program featuring four female panelists and one man discussing the red-hot topics of the day. It’s a neat idea, but it’s too bad it takes a novelty approach to boost the number of women weighing in on current events. 11 a.m. Fox News

Gone fishin’

“Fish Tank Kings” returns for a new season with the gang trying to transform a second-floor office space into South Florida’s largest privately owned aquarium and building a new Pacific octopus exhibit for the Syracuse zoo. Guess some people can’t settle for a simple goldfish bowl. 8 p.m. National Geographic Wild

Texas maverick

Feisty Ann Richards is the subject of “All About Ann: Governor Richards of the Lone Star State,” a new documentary featuring comments from Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Liz Smith. 8 p.m. HBO

Neal Justin