Guise and dolls

“Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie” is both a tell-all biography of the intensely private superstar and a fascinating study of how a corporation rolls the dice to adapt to changing times. Director Andrea Nevins takes full advantage of behind-the-scenes access to the Mattel public-relations team as it launches the legendary doll’s new look.

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Meeting of the minds

Likable celebrities, including Freddie Highmore of “The Good Doctor,” compete in challenges that measure ingenuity and response time in the harmless new series “Taskmaster.” Despite all the brainpower, no one can quite figure out why host Reggie Watts keeps slipping into a British accent.

10 p.m. Friday, Comedy Central

Blood brother

If “Bobby for President” were simply focused on Robert Kennedy’s 1968 political campaign, the four-hour running time would seem excessive. But filmmaker Dawn Porter has a more ambitious agenda. The first of four episodes covers the John F. Kennedy administration’s slow response to the civil rights movement as well as the younger Kennedy’s zealous attack on mobsters.

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Duel at Springfield Corral

Eat Bart’s shorts, Marshal Dillon. The latest adventures of “The Simpsons” will put it past “Gunsmoke” as the prime-time series with the most episodes. The comedy had already earned the title of longest-running prime-time show, but the western often churned out more than 35 episodes a year, which is why it took Homer & Co. a little longer to achieve its latest record.

7 p.m. Sunday, KMSP, Ch. 9