About a boy

"Clarence," a new animated series, may be aimed at kids, but if you need a burst of optimism, this kid delivers — reveling in dirt fights, sleepover pranks, awkward crushes, secret tree forts and binge watching "The Real Housewives." Oh, wait. Clarence is much too mature for "The Real Housewives." 6 p.m. Cartoon Network

A death in the family

"One Last Hug: Three Days at a Grief Camp," may be the greatest tearjerker of recent HBO documentaries as it turns the cameras on emotionally shaken children who lean on one another to get over the loss of loved ones. I'm not a big fan of putting youngsters on film, especially at such a vulnerable time, but director Irene Taylor Brodsky shows great respect and restraint as she gently tells their shattering stories. 7 p.m. HBO

Three desperate girls

Lindsay Lohan's 45th comeback attempt includes a visit to "2 Broke Girls," network TV's raunchiest sitcom. She plays a bride-to-be who can't decide what she wants for her wedding cake. How long before Justin Bieber uses lame comedies to try to restart his career? 7 p.m. WCCO, Ch. 4

Neal Justin