Louis C.K.

LOS ANGELES -- The TV Critics Association's awards night is usually a chance for writers to informally mingle with their favorites over a relatively short evening in the same room that hosts the Golden Globes ceremonies.

This year? Not so much.

Yes, Bryan Cranston and Claire Danes were on hand, but the star wattage was on low Saturday night, in large part because various winners were elsewhere.

Louis C.K., the winner for best achievement in comedy and best comedy program, was in Albany on his way to pick up his daughter from camp and accepted via video. The cast of best mini-series "Downton Abbey," which hung out with critics last week, was back in England shooting their third season. Just about everyone from "Game of  Thrones," named program of the year, was also absent due to production. Of course, noone suspected career achievement recepient David Letterman would show up, although he did submit a hilarious thank-you video and had an impersonator accept the award.

Cranston, who hosted the event, had a taboo-breaking monologue that elicited as many groans as it did laughs. One Olympics related example: "Somalia just tried to have piracy entered as an event."

Other winners: Danes, "60 Minutes," "Switched at Birth," "So You Think You Can Dance," "Homeland," "Breaking Bad," and "Cheers" (the Heritage Award).



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