College course

Yvonne Powless may have been named Miss Black University of Texas in 2010, but Minneapolis will always be her hometown. She's among the competitors on "America's Next Top Model: College Edition" (7 p.m. Friday, WUCW, Ch. 23). I wonder how long it will take for host Tyra Banks to boast about her stint at Harvard Business School?

Cheer leader

Roger Corman may be 86, but he still has a thing for, um, unusual fare. The legendary producer is feted in an all-day marathon that leads up to the world premiere of "Attack of the 50-Foot Cheerleader" (9 p.m. Saturday, Epix), starring Sean Young and Treat Williams.

News break

"The Newsroom" (9 p.m. Sunday, HBO) wraps up its first season, one accompanied by accusations that creator Aaron Sorkin has suddenly transformed into a sexist and a second-rate writer. Nonsense. "Newsroom" has been too shrill at times, but every episode had some magical moments. Here's hoping for many more.