Girl power

"SciGirls" (8 a.m. Saturday, KTCA, Ch. 2), the TPT-produced series aimed at middle-school girls, returns for a second season. Five of 10 shows feature Minnesota-based stories, including girls turning their bicycles into ice-cream makers and using polar-bear claws to design safer shoes for icy streets. Boys are allowed to watch, even though they are officially "icky."

Chachi's return

Scott Baio must have spent his off-time watching "Everybody Loves Raymond." The "Happy Days" veteran does a nice Ray Romano impression in the sitcom, "See Dad Run" (7 p.m. Sunday, Nick), playing a former TV star who has a hard time coming home and discovering he's not in charge. Better than you'd expect.

School's out

"The First Graduating Class: Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls" (8 p.m. Sunday, OWN) puts the spotlight on the 72 underprivileged South Africans who benefitted from Winfrey's commitment to their education. Hope there's a college edition in the near future.

David and the dead

As if zombies weren't enough to fear. Veteran tough guy David Morrissey joins the cast of "The Walking Dead" (8 p.m. Sunday, AMC) as a character simply known as "The Governor." Something tells me he's up to more than just sleeping with the nanny.