Cheryl Tiegs sounded as perplexed as I that Dan Buettner couldn't come clean Sunday when I asked him why he was supermodel-less at the Starkey Foundation gala.

Exactly seven days ago, a source told me that Tiegs and Buettner broke up earlier this year and that Dan was in a new relationship, at last report.

"Yes, Dan and I broke up January 1, New Year's Day. That's a fact," said Tiegs on Tuesday when I reached her in L.A. "I did send you an e-mail, just a very small announcement, but I guess you didn't get it."

Ah, no. My e-mail leaves much to be desired. "I DIDN'T want you to hear this from other people," she said. "I've always adored you. You were so good to Dan and me, for so many years."

I was hoping that the relationship between the divorcees would endure without marriage. "No, there would be no reason to [marry]. We would have to live in the same city, the same state," she said with a laugh, "if we had ever considered marriage. We never did."

Her work with Cambria may still mean sightings of Tiegs here in her native state.

In the e-mail I didn't get, Tiegs said, she talked about "how busy I am and that I am single and out on the town, having a great time. I'm happy," she said emphatically. She sounds extremely happy. Happiness must be the secret to looking as great as she does. "Dan's very rooted in Minnesota, with family and his career and his friends. I found it very difficult to get him to come to Los Angeles to see me," she said, laughing again. "Finally it got to a point where it was three days out of six weeks where we would see each other and I just said, 'I can't do that anymore.' I wish him well, he's a great guy."

At, you can see Buettner's reaction Sunday when I asked about Tiegs; there is also video from happier times when I had lunch with them at Spoonriver.

I read Tuesday's item to her and she laughed along. "I don't know" why Buettner wasn't forthcoming, Tiegs said. "I have no ill feelings towards him. I don't think he has any towards me. But there's no reason to be elusive about it."

Lots of play time for Fitz

Changing diapers can't compare to being on the football field, but Marcus Fitzgerald considers both a privilege.

Fitzgerald updated me on his football plans at the Starkey Foundation gala, which was also attended by his big brother, Larry Fitzgerald Jr., of the Arizona Cardinals.

Marcus plays in the United Football league. "I'm actually playing for Dennis Green for the UFL; it's kind of like the minor league for the NFL. I'm excited about it. Very," Marcus said.

I told Marcus that a couple of months ago when I saw his adorable baby, Jaylen, I couldn't help but notice that he favors Marcus' late mom, Carol Fitzgerald. "Thank you. He's a big boy now, almost 1 now," Marcus said. He also sees his mom in his son's face, save one feature: "He's got the Fitzgerald nose, though."

And how many diapers has Marcus changed? "A ton," he said, "and proud to change each one."

I told Marcus that I still considered his dad a great guy, no matter how huffy he remains with me. "Thank you, I really appreciate that," Marcus said.

Marcus, as you can see at, seems very much at peace with not yet being the kind of football star that his multimillionaire big brother is.

Fox 9 gets flu-migated

The confirmation that reporter/anchor Tim Blotz is down with the H1N1 virus has apparently gotten the Fox 9 newsroom scrubbed up.

"We talked about this when it first became an issue. So we were prepared when Tim was diagnosed. We took all the appropriate precautions necessary to protect the other employees," news director Bill Dallman told me Wednesday. I take that to mean they've hired somebody to wash and sanitize Blotz's desk, the anchor set, the makeup room used by the guys and all of the doorknobs and handles. Fox requires employees who test positive for the illness -- linked to three deaths in Minnesota -- to stay away from work one week. Blotz fell ill Saturday.

No word on whether this illness has made his voice any more resonant. Blotz, whom I've dubbed "Deep-Voiced Guy," is as good-natured as he is gorgeous. Get well, Tim, and let's do lunch if you have a hankering for ribs.

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