Excluding his three stints as an NFL head coach, Norv Turner has called plays from the press box. He plans to coach from the press box this season, too, as the Vikings’ offensive coordinator.

While Turner said there are benefits to being on the sideline, which he learned when he called the plays as a head coach, he said the perks of watching from the press box outweigh them.

“It’s probably less hectic at the top, that’s the upside of it,” Turner said. “You can see things a lot better. When you are on the field you are depending on someone upstairs to help you. When you are on the sideline I think you get a feel for the game and how the game is going, where you are offensively as a team in competing against that defense, you can feel a little better.”

Turner said he will rely on assistant coaches like offensive line coach Jeff Davidson on the sideline to gauge the pulse of his players and to help him get a feel for how the game is playing out.

“If Jeff says we are wearing these guys down, we got to go, we can run it now, then he is going to relay that to me,” Turner said. “And obviously if we are having a tough time with his protection you know he is going to relay those things to me, so it’s still communicating.”

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