On May 28, the Wayback Machine kicks in.

Tyra and Rex are hosting a Prehistoric Party, inviting people in dinosaur costumes to join them for video shoots, as well as an attempt to make a Guinness World Record for most people in dinosaur costumes.

The Guinness people didn't miss a beat, informing them that all costumes must depict dinosaurs that actually existed. "No Barneys, no Godzillas, no Indominus rex," Tyra said, referring to the hybrid dino in the latest "Jurassic Park" movie.

"We have people flying in and taking road trips to be here," Tyra said. The gathering will take place on a local football field, but its location will be made known only to ticket-buyers "because we're inviting the Internet."

People can come as observers, or "paleontologists," for about $12, while dinosaur participants' tickets are $20. Or, for about $128, you can have a new dinosaur costume waiting for you when you arrive.

To order, visit bit.ly/234aVGw or their Facebook page, TrexTuesdays.