On opening night of this shortened NHL season for the Wild, both the local hockey club and the resident of the other downtown -- the Timberwolves -- managed to win on the same day. The Wild took a home victory over Colorado, while the Wolves won at home against Houston.

Since then but prior to Monday, the teams had played on the same night four more times this season. The result had been seven combined losses in eight games -- and three nights in which both of them lost, which kills the buzz of any good sports night and leaves fans surly the next day.

Confidence could not have been high that the trend would change Monday. The Wild was playing at Calgary, which has traditionally been a house of horrors. The Wolves were at Cleveland, which is hardly a powerhouse, but considering Minnesota went in with an eight-game losing streak on the road, everyone is a powerhouse.

As such, as sports fans, we must rejoice today. The Wolves went first, polishing off a 100-92 victory at Cleveland, while a short while after that game ended, the Wild started an ugly but effective 2-1 shootout victory at Calgary.

Minnesota sports teams often follow collective cycles, where everyone is up or down at the same time. We're not saying two victories on Monday will guarantee anything -- like, say, a critical Gophers basketball victory on Thursday against Wisconsin -- but it sure doesn't hurt the collective psyche.

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