It has to be tempting for the Twins to want to get a September look at Miguel Sano, their slugging third baseman.

It's even more tempting for fans to want to see Sano. They might even feel like they're "owed" something over the final month to make up for what is now approaching three years of terrible-to-pretty bad baseball.

But let's stop.

Let's not even look at struggles of Kyle Gibson, Aaron Hicks and co. -- players older and with more experience than Sano -- as cautionary tales. Each prospect should be treated inside his own vacuum. If he's ready, he's ready.

Sano is not ready.

He's an incredible talent and one day *could* be a middle-of-the-order staple and a force in the league.

But right now, he's a 20-year-old hitting for power at Class AA ... but also hitting .238 and striking out once every three official at bats. He has 189 career at bats above Class A.

He. Is. Not. Ready.

Bringing him up in September has the potential to do two bad things: 1) He struggles (as he likely would) and all of the sudden he starts to panic and/or fans begin to panic. 2) He feasts on a few fastballs and ends up with a hot few weeks, creating unrealistic expectations that he is THE MAN starting in 2014.

Let's let this play out. Let's wait until March and see if he has the kind of spring that would warrant a long look in 2014.

But let's not force or demand this. Patience is a virtue, and all the Twins have is time. 

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