We don't profess to know any more about Everson Griffen than what we have read about him and what we gleaned from an interview we did with him that lasted no more than 10 minutes last spring. We also don't know if there is any more to the story of why he was arrested yesterday during a daytime traffic stop.

But we do know the answers the Vikings DE gave during that Q&A session seem incongruous with his actions yesterday and make for an interesting bit of juxtaposition. Q&A snippets in plain type, details from Judd Zulgad's story in italics:


Q Honestly, what's it like to be a standout football player at USC -- what's the treatment you guys get on campus?

A You know, you just get love. It's fun playing at USC. But my career is over there now. I'm a Viking, you know, and I love this organization. Today was a good starting point. It's just like your freshman year, getting your feet wet. You have to calm down and take your time and get a good starting point.

Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen was arrested on suspicion of felony battery Monday after allegedly assaulting a police officer and being tased near the Southern California campus, a spokesman with the Los Angeles Police Department said.

Q You've talked about enjoying the college life. Talk to me more about that. Is the past the past, and what was the experience like?

A Who doesn't enjoy college, man? You know, that comes around once in a lifetime. Freshman year, you know. And then you get through it and you grow up. That time has passed, and I've moved on to bigger and better things. Now you're working. It's a business, and you have to help your organization. You're a piece of the puzzle, and if you're not fitting, they're going to find a way to make it fit or you're going to have to leave.

The police said they pulled Griffen over around 4 p.m. Pacific time, but he did not have valid identification on him. When officers questioned Griffen, he became aggressive and attempted to run away.

Q Going through the draft the way you did, thinking you would probably get drafted earlier than you did, how did that affect you as it was happening and how did you get through it?

A You just take it step by step. Everything happens for a reason, and the man above has a plan for you. You just have to take it as it goes. I'm happy with the situation I'm in and the organization is one of the best. I'm ready to just keep on working.

Griffen then assaulted one of the officers who was pursuing him. The officer used his taser on Griffen, who was arrested. Griffen was being held at the 77th Street Community Police Station jail as of late Monday. His bail was set at $50,000.


We welcome your thoughts on the severity of the incident, second chances and how this compares from a seriousness standpoint to the transgressions of another former talented fourth-round Vikings draft pick with character questions.

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