We had Twins/Yankees tickets last night. It was the final game of our split season ticket package, and out of obligation -- and because it was a beautiful night -- we went. Something, though, told us we would want to see the Monday Night Football game. So we DVRed it (something we rarely do with non-Minnesota games) in order to speed through it later. Our brother-in-law texted at around 10:45 to say the finish to the game was "historical and hysterical," but he did not betray what happened. And, oh my, what happened.

Five things about that game/finish:

1. Underrated aspect of the whole play: Golden Tate, who would be ruled to have caught the TD, completely shoving a Packers defender just before the ball arrived. Here's a fun screen grab below.


2. The Packers broadcast call? Priceless.

3. We are genuinely conflicted on our overall reaction. Normally, we would be filled to the brim with schadenfreude if the Packers lost in such crippling fashion. But that call was just so horrendous. It really was. And it underscored the obvious problem of the replacement refs, which is league-wide and honestly could have cost the Vikings the game on Sunday as well given that Jim Harbaugh should not have been able to challenge Toby Gerhart's first fumble (which, by the way, looked like it also happened well after the play was dead, a poor overturn by the non-replacements). This was not merely a questionable call that gave a team a chance to win. It was a completely miserable call that directly determined a win or loss. That's just not good for football. And yet here are the Packers, in last place. So there's that.

4. Maybe our favorite still image? This one, with the refs showing mass confusion and -- bonus -- the wildly cheering photographer in the background.

5. Lost in it all: The Packers' offense and play-calling was terrible, particularly in the first half. Aaron Rodgers seems to be reverting to 2009 form, whereby he is nervous in the pocket on every play because he doesn't trust his protection. Seattle has a fierce pass rush, no doubt. But even if Green Bay wins that game, it has some problems.

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