Just a quick morning thought about two of the key performers for the Twins last night -- two men who helped put Minnesota in a big hole early in the season and are now trying to dig the local squad out of it: Scott Baker and Alexi Casilla.

The optimist says Baker is 10-1 since the start of June, including seven strong innings in a 2-1 win last night. The pessimist notes he was 2-6 with a 6.32 ERA during the first two months of the season, setting the tone for a season of instability out of the rotation even if Baker has been, by and large, the most consistent performer since then.

Casilla has, of course, been all over the map (both figuratively and literally with his minor and major league travels). But with 7 hits in his last 14 ABs and 13 in his last 33, Casilla has climbed above the magical Mendoza Line for the first time since mid-April. His triple keyed the Twins' only offensive surge last night in a game they really needed to win.

The questions, though, are these: how much do you trust both of these players down the stretch? Do you trust that both have figured things out and will perform more to their recent play (Baker's run, granted, is much longer than Casilla's) than their early struggles? And are fans, media members and others too quick to forget that things can go back in the opposite direction when a cold player suddenly becomes hot?

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