If you are lucky you have a friend that says things like atcha. So I say, hey Tud, thanks for going fishing again. Tud says, back atcha.

Tud has the most unusual way of speaking. He has his own way of making us understand without using common phrases.

Tud, give me a minnow, tuds response, git yer own. Or one of our all-time Tud line favorites is, Hey Tud what did you do yesterday. Tud says, don’t ask, it was a moaner.

A moaner, means his wife or one of his kids needed him to fix something around his house, even worse, is when he has to fix something at one of his kid’s homes. Tud and I, in that regard are quite abit alike. I like the outdoors and fixing anything someone else created just makes us mad.

Lawn mowers should never break, nothing ever, should ever break, fall apart, loosen up or anything else. Stuff should always work like it’s supposed to. Tud says why do we have to buy crap that breaks, if I wanted that I’d make.

Tud just left us again; he lives most of the year in Arizona. Tud came to visit and in Tuds words, remind himself why he will never, suck your cold air all year in Minnesota or anywhere north of a line that, in his words, fruity drinks can’t grow. No oranges, no thanks, no pineapple, no way. He has his own version of the mason Dickson line, but the line he drew has sand, and he won’t cross it, forever. Short trips fine, but in the end Tud says, he’s a sandman, not a snowfanman.

Tud says he’s going to invent the liquor bottle delivery man. No more milk carton man, no more pizza boy, Ought to make a million the first week. He says when he’s filthy rich he’s gonna sponsor golf tournaments and race car events just to make all the other companies mad.

Tud is not going to, retire. Tuds starting in on, Tuds time, in two years. Tuds time is when he really starts doing Tuds tax evasion for good. And Tud says he never gets headaches, he gives em.

Tud doesn’t have in his words, grand kids, or grandchildren. Tud says his wife has, short orbiting offspring. They orbit grandma, the kitchen, they orbit the couch, and they orbit his dog. He says at times they git to close to him, then he wants to send em in a different orbit. Tud will back in his in a few days.

The trout whisperer

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