Loggers aren’t happy about weight restrictions on the interstate highway system, so they decided to create havoc in downtown Duluth to make sure their voices, and trucks, were seen and heard.

Several dozen logging trucks created a convoy down Superior Street Thursday morning on their way to a rally near the Port Authority. Organizers said loggers prefer to haul 90,000 pounds of wood or more to save fuel and make fewer trips between the woods and the mill.
Federal regulations limit trucks to 80,000 pounds on Minnesota’s interstates, according to the Duluth News Tribune, pushing them on routes such as Superior Street and Highway 61.
Red Wing plans to go down fighting as it tries to keep a beloved golf course open that its owner has slated for closure Nov. 1.
The Red Wing City Council voted unanimously after a closed door meeting this week to authorize the city attorney to serve Wendell Pittenger, which runs the Mississippi National Golf Links, with a notice of default, the Republican-Eagle reports.
The city, which owns the 36-hole course, still hasn’t received any notice from Pittenger, the paper reports, though he announced the closing in a September newsletter to course members.
The Council is also prepared to spend up to $10,000 for work on the course, particularly preparing it for winter if it comes to that.
While spending the money on Mississippi National isn’t ideal, “we have to do this,” Council member Dan Bender told the paper. “We owe it to ourselves and to the people of Red Wing."
An Audubon man wanted a flashy way to celebrate his 60th birthday. So he’s creating his own Burning Man, er, Burning Cow tribute.
Dennis Lange has always wanted to go to Nevada’s famed free-spirit festival, but obligations at home kept the local veterinarian in Minnesota. So for his birthday, he decided to create his own, 10-foot-tall, 15-foot long wooden cow.
But, after he “accidently" forgot to get a burning permit, he couldn’t burn it last weekend on his birthday. “I have to admit I’m kind of attached to it,” Lange told DL-Online, which has a fun account of Lange’s art project. “So I pardoned it like those Thanksgiving turkeys that go to the White House.”
Now, he told the reporter, he’s thinking about jack o’lanterns inside and Christmas lights. Do find out his plans for it now, visit DL-Online. 
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