The nation's head-counter agency each year actually puts out facts-somewhat-worth-knowing for a number of special occasions, such as Unmarried and Single Americans Week (Sorry, you missed it -- Sept. 16-22).

Now, about Halloween:


Potential Minnesota trick-or-treaters -- children ages 5 to 14 -- although other kids and their parents could be on the prowl.

2.1 million

Number of Minnesota housing units -- potential stops for trick-or-treaters. That includes those occupied by fuddy-duddies huddled in their basements with the lights turned off.

$113 million

Value of pumpkins harvested from the top six pumpkin-producing states: Illinois, California, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Minnesota produces only about 2 percent of the national crop.


Companies that make chocolate and cocoa products, employing 35,074 people.


There's Anoka, the Halloween Capitol of the World by virtue of a 1937 declaration by Congress. But you'll get more bragging rights by going to Transylvania County, N.C., or Skull Creek, Neb.