Getting from point A to point B is one thing. But what if there's traffic? And snow? These mobile apps might (or might not) help.


Focuses on routes, sorted by estimated travel time, with users crowdsourcing everything from gas prices to traffic crashes along the way.

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MnDOT 511

It's got the basics without the flashy presentation, but it's the only one to show statewide road conditions as reported by maintenance crews and snowplow drivers.

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Route-focused like Waze, but without the crowdsourced reports. It has an emphasis on guiding you toward things like ATMs, hotels or grocery stores.

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Google Maps

Shows a broad overview — red, yellow and green lines for traffic flow — and plots routes. Includes some data from Waze, which it purchased in 2013.

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Apple Maps

Improved since its much-maligned 2012 launch, Apple Maps will show two or three routes with expected travel times, but not as much traffic info as the others.

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Katie Humphrey