Tracy Morgan/ Chad Batka of the New York Times


Anyone who thought "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan would tame his act for Twin Cities suburbia was in for a rude--and often sidesplitting--surprise Wednesday night when the comedian gave the Burnsville Performing Arts Center one of the bluest acts in recent history.

As Tina Fey summed up in a recent appearance on "Inside the Actors Studio," her former co-star's gift is that he can be automatically charming while still evoking a sense of danger. That seemingly contract was well on display Wednesday with Morgan diving over and over again into his sordid sexual desires, occasionally coming up for air with a childhood memory or a cheesy slice of music (His rendition of Christopher Cross's "Sailing" while wrapped in a white curtain was a highlight).

It's impossible to detail Morgan's 70-minute act without getting a forced invitation to Human Resources, but suffice it to say that it wasn't for the weak hearted. Masturbation, porn addiction and an obsession with pregnant women were among the tamer subjects.

"I'm a pervert," he said. "But at least I'm honest."

Not everything worked. Set pieces about the Olympics in Utah and his desire to meet Michael Jackson, felt dated and lacked the comic's standard enthusiasm. A routine on how all women should learn how to cook fell on deaf ears to the sold-out crowd.

But for the most part, Morgan happily danced on the edge of the cliff, daring the audience to gasp and groan, a death-defying feat that ultimately soared.


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