Hi, Mom

There are some questions as to whether CNN will give Anderson Cooper permission to become the permanent co-host of "Live With Kelly." While the guessing game most likely will continue into the summer, Cooper will "audition" with two guest appearances, one of which will include an interview with his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.

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Church belles

"Greenleaf," set in a Memphis megachurch where Elvis Presley takes a back seat to Jesus Christ, certainly has the right driver in Craig Wright. The former writer for "Six Feet Under" has a master's of divinity degree from the United Theological Seminary in the Twin Cities. Too bad he draws more inspiration from "Empire" than from the Bible. It's a well-executed soap, but this feels like a missed opportunity.

8 p.m. OWN

All is forgiven

James Frey, whose authenticity as a journalist was questioned by the Star Tribune as far back as 2003, sticks strictly to fiction in "American Gothic," a new series in which a family suspects that one of its own aided a serial killer. Frey, listed as an executive producer, has come a long way from being chastised by Oprah Winfrey for the inaccuracies in "A Million Little Pieces": The show is coming out of Steven Spielberg's company.

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Neal Justin