Joe Posnanski checks in with a great read on Tony LaRussa's overmanaging masterpiece during the Cardinals' 20-inning loss Saturday. An excerpt:

TOP OF THE 18TH INNING: Franklin has pitched one scoreless inning... and apparently can't go anymore. So La Russa does a quintuple switch. This has to be a record, even for him.

• He moves Felipe Lopez from third base to pitcher. (La Russa is out of pitchers.)
• He moves Joe Mather from center field to third base... Mather had played three innings at third base in 2008.
• He puts pitcher Kyle Lohse... in left field. Lohse had pitched on Thursday and is not available to throw, but apparently this is his workout day so he can throw the ball to the infield if necessary.
• He moves Allen Craig from left field to right field.
• He moves Ryan Ludwick from right field to center field.

Lopez is pretty effective... or the Mets are pretty dismal. Or both. He allows only one walk while retiring the side. Little does anyone know that Lopez is on a pitch count.

As Marthaler will tell you, most of Posnanski's stuff is worth reading. This one is definitely worth your time.

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