Harold Lloyd Trust

Harold Lloyd Trust

Tom Cruise is giving the investors on “MI:4” a stroke AND a heart attack at the same time:
The actor, 48, was photographed filming a terrifying stunt for the film on Saturday in Dubai, dangling from the observation deck of the Burj Kahlifa, the world's tallest building, as filmmakers shot an action sequence – and fans watched, hearts in mouths, some 2,700 feet below.

That’s pretty cool, but unfortunately no one will believe it. We’re so used to CGI - that stands for “Computer Graphics . . .something that starts with I” - that we assume nothing on the screen is really real. Like when Tom Cruise would do a movie with Nicole Kidman and they looked the same height. We all knew they used computers to lift him up about six inches.



Harold Lloyd was famous for doing his own stunts, too - he’s really hanging from a clock over the street in that famous picture. But they used trick photography, shooting at an angle on a spot that made him seem higher up than he really was. They had a mattress underneath in case he fell. (In an early test, if I recall correctly, a mannikin hit the mattress, bounced off, and fell to the street.) Still, Lloyd did the clock gag with fewer fingers than you’d think; two digits were blown off when a prop exploded in his hand a few years before, and he wore a special glove with fake fingers after that. When his fine career came to an end, he spent his retirement taking 3D photos of nude beauties with strategically placed balloons.


Here’s Harold, since we don’t have any shots of Tom Cruise.


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