Try the EPA's household energy calculator at:

The Science Museum of Minnesota is developing an interactive version of the U of M Household Ecosystem calculator. It will be available on the museum's website later this year.

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To reduce your carbon footprint:

• Change five lights. Replace the conventional bulbs in your five most frequently used light fixtures with ENERGY STAR bulbs. If every household did it, greenhouse gases would be cut by the equivalent of emissions from 10 million cars.

• Buy ENERGY STAR qualified products and appliances.

• Heat and cool smartly. Clean air filters regularly and tune furnaces annually.

• Seal and insulate your home. The biggest leaks are usually in the attic and basement.

• Be green in your yard. Use a push mower or a mulching mower to reduce grass clippings. Compost yard waste.

• Use water efficiently. Use less, especially hot water; water lawns only when needed.

Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency