Don’t assume that you’ve learned everything you need to know to do your job.

Do keep up-to-date, not only on technologies that keep changing, but also on new trends in your field.


Don’t disdain social media.

Do use it to stay connected to colleagues and employer contacts, while also sharing insights, articles and commenting on posts through regular updates.


Don’t refuse to fraternize with younger co-workers.

Do keep in tune with today’s culture and events and learn to appreciate perspectives of diverse generations.


Don’t remain seated.

Do keep physically fit and active as way of exuding a more youthful, energetic and engaged appearance in the workplace.


Don’t succumb to the mind-set that you have “paid your dues” and now can coast.

Do participate in professional organizations and attend meetings, volunteer for events and take advantage of training opportunities.


Don’t try to dress like a 20-something.

Do sport a wardrobe that is up to date (not necessarily trendy) and fits appropriately for your age and work type.


Don’t assume that this advice is just for older workers.

Do remember that no matter where you are in your career, you should continue learning, stay engaged, keep your skills up to date and interact with people of all ages on a regular basis.