Of course your dog is the cutest. But only the cutest of the cute get featured on Dogs of Instagram (@dogsofinstagram). Here are tips to help you get your pup’s mug on the account:

Photo basics. Blurry is bad; so is darkness and boring composition. You get the picture.

Show some spunk. A picture with a pup’s personality shining through could be a winner. A Jack Russell-chihuahua gives chase to a butterfly and our hearts melt.

Dress up doggy. Not recommended every day, but there are occasions that call for costumes. Siberian huskies with leprechaun hats for St. Patrick’s Day? Adorbz.

Play to your natural advantage. Puppies are irresistible. Ditto dogs with blue eyes. How about that shiba inu with a goofy tongue-wagging grin or the dog with the brown spot that looks like a heart? Perfect.

Multiple submissions welcome. Obviously, there are so many cute moments to share. But don’t send the same not-so-great photo every day. One woman already does that.

Katie Humphrey