Tina Fey, the former Saturday Night Live writer and creator of the hit show “30 Rock,” had a profanity-laced story to tell Tuesday about Sen. Al Franken’s courtship during the 2008 campaign.

Fey, who is promoting her new book “Bossypants,” told a Philadelphia audience that Franken, a former SNL colleague, wanted her to contribute to his Senate campaign, the Philadelphia Daily News reported. She didn’t donate.

After Franken won the election, Fey said she texted Franken: “See, you didn’t need my $4,000 to win after all.”

Franken shot back a two-word response that began with an F-bomb.

When asked about the message, Franken said it was sent in jest. “It was banter between friends," he said. "Tina certainly knew I was kidding.”

According to Federal Election Commission records, Fey has not made a donation to any candidate before. A call to her book publicist was not immediately returned.

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