The fatal shooting of Cold Spring police officer Tom Decker began with a routine welfare check and ended with one man dead and another in custody. The sequence of events as described by authorities and captured in police radio transmissions broadcast Thursday and archived in 30-minute intervals at RadioReference.com:

8:48 p.m. to 9:19 p.m.

Police respond to calls from Ryan Larson's family, who report he is texting that he wants to end his life. They don't know if he has weapons.

Officers are unable to make contact with Larson at his apartment above Winners bar.

10:18-10:48 p.m.

Tom Decker and another officer return to Larson's.

Police emergency radio reports "Officer down ... 200 Main Street behind Winners Bar. Time is 22:47. ... I have no idea where the suspect went."

10:48-11:18 p.m.

Police broadcast a description of Larson, describing him as "suicidal" and say Decker appears to have been shot in the head.

Police make preparations for emergency medical teams. "I need an area for LifeLink to land. ... LifeLink is 19 minutes out."

Emergency response teams and officers from around the region descend on Cold Spring. Police helicopters circle above town and officers on the ground work to establish a perimeter, search for Larson and share information.

"I'm at 3rd Street South and 1st Street. ... All other officers on scene. Suspect had a handgun."

"Maybe you should double up. ... Two people. Double up. Watch each other's back."

"I'm at Main Street by the Sauk River bridge."

"I would back away. That's probably where he's going to. He's very familiar with the dam. If he's still in town, that's where he's headed to."

Decker is pronounced dead.

11:48-12:18 p.m.

Larson is arrested in his apartment above Winners Bar, where officers find him lying on his bed with a loaded gun beside him.


Larson is released from Stearns County jail when authorities determine they don't have enough evidence to charge him in Decker's death. He remains a suspect, officials said.

Compiled by Mary Lynn Smith