Farmington's mini-lots and narrow streets


East Farmington project launched: 253 single-family homes on lots as small as 6,000 square feet, with 50-foot-wide lots mirroring the original plat of downtown. (10,000 square feet, 75 feet wide is typical)


Vermillion Grove developer Rottlund Homes allowed to construct 28-foot-wide streets (32 feet was typical) to keep the home costs lower.


Charleswood Crossing approved: 43 single-family homes on lots as small as 6,700 square feet, with 56-foot-wide lots allowing smaller, more affordable homes.


Sunrise Ponds platted: 56 single-family lots as small as 3,300 square feet, with lot widths from 36 to 46 feet.

Source: City of Farmington