"Drink what is good and pure but not too much of it."

"Drink what is good and pure but not too much of it."

High overhead in the Capitol cafeteria, ornately painted German slogans urge visitors to tie one on.


"Enjoy a glass after a duty well performed," the ceiling invites. "One more for that dismal weather."

A new provision in the House Omnibus Legacy Bill could provide the rathskeller cafeteria with the beverages to match the decor.

The House Legacy Committee -- which is charged with safeguarding Minnesota's cultural and natural heritage -- tweaked one sentence in the Legacy omnibus bill this week to direct the city of St. Paul to issue an on-sale wine and malt liquor license to the Capitol cafeteria.

"It's a legacy!" said committee Chairwoman Phyllis Kahn with a laugh. "I always maintained I'm the legislator with the wettest voting record and the driest lifestyle."

This isn't the first time Kahn has proposed opening the taps in the Legislature, but current law says only that St. Paul may issue a liquor license to to the Capitol cafeteria, and then only for special events. The revised language changes "may" to "shall" and strikes out the part about special events.

You can read the new language in section 5 of the arts and cultural heritage section of the Legacy omnibus.

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